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MYCARBON air fan can effectively waft away the dull heavy air and all harmful gas, bring the fresh air in, make your whole room with full fresh air which is great for your health!
Why we should choose MYCARBON air circulator fan?

The traditional fan makes you feel cool by evaporating your body water, and you have to close the fan to feel cool, so when you use the normal desk fan or floor fan for a long time, you could feel your skin is dry and headache.
Unlike the complex smart fan, this mechanical fan is so easy to operate, it's especially suitable for elderly use, the only one metal knob to control the speed and oscillation; Besides, the unique fan cover can prevent unexpected pinch, safe to use.

3 speeds for choose:
Speed 1 blows the soft and comfortable wind, and it's very quiet, which is great for bedroom use
Speed 2 with the moderate speed, it's great for daily use
Speed 3 is very powerful, which can cool you quickly, great for hot summer use
This portable fan can be widely used in your living room, restaurant, kitchen, office, kid room, study room and so on;

Recommended use:
Fan + air-conditioner/heater on summer/winter, quickly balance the indoor temperature in 3 minutes, improve 80% efficiency of air-conditioning/heater.
Fan + dehumidifier, humidifiers, air purifier, etc. in daily life, improve the efficiency of those machine, energy saving.
Be placed between two rooms or next to a window to get fresh air in and bring out hot air, breath the fresh air every day.
Help dry the room or clothes during the rainy season, especially in rainy season.

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