Wooden Base Desktop Fan - Silent 20dB 12 Speed

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Replacing traditional desk fans with simpler and portable desk fans makes your life easier and happier

When summer rolls around, a fan is needed to take away the sweltering annoyance and provide comfortable freshness. It is easy to cause headaches or other discomfort when using a traditional fan to blow. In this case, modern circulate fans can circulate air throughout the room, providing a cool feeling without blowing air, it is great for avoiding headaches or other discomfort.

Our smart circulate fans can help you more:

- It can be used with air conditioners to speed up the cooling rate of the entire room, cool down quickly, and solve the problem of heat in a few minutes

- When used in conjunction with the radiator, it can instantly heats the room, which is great for saving energy

- Placing fans between two rooms or near windows, doors or balconies can facilitate the removal of hazardous substances or odors and inhale fresh air from outside

Way of circulation
In this circulation mode, the blown air jets provide a characteristic power. The supply air can reach up to 18 meters, allowing you to cool the room faster.

Multi-directional swing
The fan can automatically oscillate 70° from left to right and 85° from top to bottom, which is good for better distribution of indoor air.

Sleep mode
Super quiet. The speed drops one step per hour to the lowest speed and then stays at the lowest speed, perfect for rest or sleep

Remote control
A high-quality remote control is included in the package, which can change the settings of the device without having to be near the device, which is very beneficial

Known for their excellent quietness and energy consumption, DC motors avoid noise and help save energy and money

Easy to carry
There is a comfortable leather material handle at the end of the fan to help move the fan


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